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Arabian Careers Limited (ACL) specializes in the worldwide recruitment of expatriate staff for client organizations in Saudi Arabia and nearby locations in the Middle East region. The emphasis of ACL has been in hospitals and other healthcare organizations and, more recently, in information technology (IT) and telecommunications projects in a variety of settings.

Each of the hospitals for which personnel are being sought has first-class facilities with modern equipment. The hospitals are operated using English as a common language, with Arabic interpreters provided as required for patients speaking only Arabic. Career opportunities exist for most categories of staff, including:

For listings of specific healthcare job titles and qualifications for current and expected future openings, click on the "Positions" button at the bottom of this page and go to your job category.

For information technology (IT) and telecommunications positions, click on the green banner below or go to the "Positions" button at the bottom of this page and then to the IT job category.)

This ACL site on the World Wide Web will allow you to obtain more information about Saudi Arabia, job openings, minimum qualifications, salaries and benefits. While you are on-line to our site, you may submit to us an expression of interest and/or an E-mail message. You will then be notified by return E-mail of your eligibility.

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