Why Saudi Arabia?  What's in it for YOU?

Here are some of the Principal Benefits!

As an example of the advantages of working in Saudi Arabia, the following describes the principal benefits associated with a hospital project in Saudi Arabia.  Individual compensation and benefit packages vary by project, locale, employer, position and other factors.  If your qualifications match one of our open positions, we will contact you to discuss the employment opportunity including the specific compensation and benefit package associated with the offer.

Professionally-Rewarding Work!

Although eligibility for treatment at some of the hospitals is limited (for example, military personnel), all family members of eligible patients, including parents, are also allowed full access to the services.  As a result, these hospitals have all the services of an acute-care community hospital. Most of them offer teaching programs in various specialties and referral care from other smaller hospitals.  All of the hospitals were built and equipped in recent years with the best of facilities and latest technology.  Staff are highly qualified to the best Western standards. So, you can expect to further your professional development while working in Saudi Arabia.

The patients are friendly and appreciative toward their foreign care-givers.  Those who speak English are quite eager to use their conversational skills with the foreign hospital workers, and those who do not speak English are quite thrilled when you try out some of your newly-acquired Arabic phrases on them.   Working alongside as many as forty different nationalities gives one the opportunity to better understand and appreciate different approaches to the many professional and personal challenges faced by us all. 

Tax-Free Salary!

Salaries are paid at the end of each month without deduction for any local taxes.  Most expatriates are free from taxation on this foreign-earned income by the authorities in their home countries.  However, one should confirm the details with a tax advisor in his home country.  Many countries require minimum time away in order to qualify, and some (such as the USA) have upper limits on the amount of foreign income which may be exempted from taxation.  As an additional benefit, Saudi law provides that those who complete their employment contract periods are rewarded upon final departure with a bonus of two-weeks' pay per year of service.  This bonus increases to one-month’s pay for every year past five years of continuous employment.

Individual compensation and benefit packages can vary somewhat by location and are dependent upon qualifications.  Accordingly, these are quoted after qualifications are reviewed and then formalized in the employment agreement.  These salaries will be quoted in Saudi Riyals, and paychecks will be issued in this currency in the amount agreed.  The Riyal is a very stable, internationally-recognized currency, the value of which is tied to the US dollar.  The current exchange rate, which has not changed for the past 30 years, is 3.75 Riyals to the US dollar.  For those who are not US citizens, the possible fluctuations of your home currency compared to the US dollar must be taken into consideration.  Riyals may be readily converted without restriction to other international currencies and sent out of Saudi Arabia as desired. 

Free Accommodations!

Furnished housing, including basic cooking utensils, is provided free of charge near the hospital to all expatriate employees.  Washing and drying facilities are also provided. Western single-status employees sometimes are required to share accommodations with fellow expatriates, but each has a private bedroom.  If the provided housing is not in the immediate vicinity of the work site, free transportation is provided before and after each work shift.  For some positions, cash allowances may be offered in lieu of company-provided housing and transportation.

In or near the housing complexes, free recreation facilities are provided, including swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, billiards, weight rooms, access to beaches, etc.  These facilities differ by site, so all of them may not be available at all of the hospital locations.  Also, one should be aware that these facilities are segregated by gender, either with duplicate facilities or by alternating times.

Travel Opportunities!

Exciting holiday opportunities are within even the smallest of budgets.  Within a few hours’ plane ride, you can reach popular holiday destinations such as Jordan, Egypt, India, and Kenya.  Already residing and working in the region, it's easy and relatively inexpensive to visit some attractions that you would not otherwise be able to afford.  For example, how would you like a trip to the ancient city of Petra completely carved out of rock, or the pyramids of Giza, or the fabulous Taj Mahal, or the game reservations near Nairobi?  All are possible within modest holiday budgets.

When living in Saudi Arabia, you will find some interesting holiday sites inside the Kingdom, some of which can be visited on the weekends.  Examples are the ancient Nebatian civilization at Medain Saleh, the old Hejaz railway built by the Turks and destroyed by Lawrence of Arabia and the forces of the Sherif of Makkah, the fantastic scenery at high elevation in the Asir National Park, some of the best scuba diving reefs in the World, and the glories of the desert at many locations. 

Health Care, Dependent Education!

While employed at one of the hospitals, all employees and authorized dependents are provided with necessary medical and hospital care at no personal cost.  Limited emergency dental care is also provided.

Authorized dependent children are sent at company expense to international schools operated in Saudi Arabia to standards established in Europe and/or North America.  There are certain limitations on this benefit regarding age and number of eligible children, so please advise your recruiter of any children who will accompany you and inquire about eligibility.

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